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The import and wholesale of carpets, fitter carpets and carpets for the corridors, is the main subject of our company. Our goal is to offer always the best and that is why we have succeeded to hold an important place in this demanding job.

Our long experience and extend knowledge in the subject, allow us to represent in the Greek market products which can offer reliable solutions in all demanding needs.

We afford a really great variety of designs, colors and textures which can meet the needs that the trends of the modern market have created. Our visits in exhibitions worldwide like Germany and Italy  keep us informed and help us to choose the most modern , qualitative and low cost products for the Greek market. 

From the beginning we set strict quality requirements for our product that is why we continually renew the designs and try to have the best customer services and the most direct deliveries. 

According to all these we have succeeded to keep a special place in the internal market and we have gained the trust and cooperation of large Greek companies.

The frequent contact with our customers, either by phone or through personal visits monthly, helps us keep informed for the markets needs.  By understanding and genuine interest we hear their suggestions and concerns. 

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